Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Safely Remove You Wisdom Teeth

The average adult mouth is designed to comfortably hold 28 teeth. However, most people grow a third set of molars called wisdom teeth. These teeth tend to crowd the other 28 teeth and can cause a variety of issues. You may suffer from swelling, stiffness and pain––not to mention the complete disruption in the alignment of the other teeth. Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz can safely remove your wisdom teeth to prevent any damage or pain.

Wisdom teeth extraction is necessary when these teeth:

  • Grow sideways
  • Partially emerge from the gum
  • Remain trapped beneath the gum and bone

When wisdom teeth are partially erupted, the opening around the teeth can allow bacteria to grow in said areas, which can eventually lead to an infection. Pressure from partially erupted teeth can also move other teeth and ruin any orthodontic or natural teeth alignment. More serious problems associated with wisdom teeth include the growth of tumors and cysts around impacted wisdom teeth. This can eventually destroy your jawbone and the surrounding healthy teeth.

​The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

If you believe your wisdom teeth need to be removed, visit our office. We can perform an oral examination and take x-rays to ensure they, in fact, are currently causing problems or may cause problems in the future. We strive to remove wisdom teeth before they become a serious problem so you do not suffer from any problems or unnecessary pain.

Before your wisdom teeth are removed, Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz can discuss anesthesia options with you, the process during the procedure and what recovery may entail. Typically, Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz administers local anesthesia, laughing gas or general anesthesia. All possible side effects and risks will be thoroughly discussed before treatment. Call us today at (212) 826-2322 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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