• Screening for Oral Cancer

    Regular visits to a dental clinic offering general dentistry and emergency dentistry can help screen you for early signs of oral cancer. In addition to safeguarding the health of your teeth and gums, dentists play a vital role in cancer protection. In the course of an ordinary dental checkup, your dentist will check for abnormalities which may indicate oral cancer. Watch this video to find out more.

    The dentist may detect a small white or red spot or sore on the inside of your mouth. These spots and sores are common and are often symptom free. The dentist may extract a small tissue sample to be sent to the lab for testing. A specialist will then determine whether or not the sample indicates the possible presence of oral cancer. Your dentist may be able to detect discolorations and sores which you are unable to see. Visit your dentist or emergency dentist regularly to monitor your oral health. Here at Dr. Jeff Rabinowitz, we offer regular screenings for oral cancer as part of our dental checkups . Call us at (212) 826-2322 to find out more about our emergency dentistry and general dentistry near NYC.

  • How Dental Exams Help Detect Oral Cancer

    Your dentist can perform an oral cancer screening during your next checkup to ensure that there are no abnormalities in your mouth. Each year, there are 42,000 new cases of head and neck cancer. Early detection increases one’s risk for beating the disease.

    If the dentist notices anything unusual, like white or red spots or small sores, he or she might perform further testing to determine if there is a bigger issue. Check out this video to learn more about these screenings.

    Visiting the dentist in Manhattan is hugely important toward maintaining your oral health. Schedule your next dental checkup so you can ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and there are no signs of serious issues like oral cancer.