• Coping with Dental Anxiety

    best sleep dentistry nyc Sadly, many people experience dental anxiety, which means they experience fear, discomfort, or feel nervous when the thought of visiting the dentist comes up. This anxiety can occur even during a routine checkup, along with cleanings, routine procedures, or dental surgery. There is no reason to be ashamed of this fear, and there are many dentists and solutions that can help you cope, especially form the best sedation dentist.

    If dental anxiety is a serious hindrance in your dental health, options like sedation dentistry are available to you. You may also hear the term “sleep dentistry”, and the best sedation dentist will offer a variety of sedation techniques to help you cope with your anxiety. From mild sedation to deep, you and the best sedation dentist can decide between oral sedation—usually a pill to help you relax, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

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  • What Are the Common Causes of Dental Anxiety?

    It’s common for children and adults to be nervous about visiting the dentist. There are many reasons that contribute to dental anxiety. For many, dental anxiety is a major factor in avoiding regular dental care. Most cases of dental anxiety can be addressed through sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry utilizes different methods of sedation, such as oral medications, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia. However, the best sedation dentist will likely try to determine the root cause of dental anxiety to try and address why you have anxiety in the first place. This article will provide an overview of some of the more common reasons people experience anxiety about visiting the dentist.

    Concern Due to Negative Experience best sleep dental practice nyc

    For many, dental anxiety is the result of a negative past experience at the dentist. For instance, patients who have experienced discomfort at the dentist are more likely to associate any future dental visits with that discomfort. It is common for adults with dental anxiety to associate negative memories of a dentist from childhood with any future visits.

    Fear of Pain

    Similar to past experiences, it is possible that dental anxiety stems from a fear of pain. If a patient had a painful procedure, such as a root canal or other dental surgery, those memories will then be associated with the dentist. For people with sensitive teeth and gums, fear of pain is a major cause of dental anxiety. Even a simple dental cleaning procedure can be painful, but with sedation dentistry options, pain can be avoided.

    Anxiety Over Not Being in Control

    For some, dental anxiety is not caused by negative experiences or fear of the dentist itself. Instead, it is a fear of losing control. For people who need to be in control in all situations, going to the dentist can cause anxiety. Not being able to see what a dentist or hygienist is doing can be stressful. Having your dentist talk through each step of a procedure can be helpful.

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  • The Benefits of Dental Sedation

    Visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience, especially if you need extensive dental work done. If you need to have dental surgery, wisdom teeth removal, or dental implants, you should find the best sedation dentist in NYC to perform the procedure for you. Dental sedation will calm your anxiety, allowing you to get the dental work you need to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

    Calms Anxiety best sleep dentistry nyc
    Dental sedation will relax you and take away the fear that you may feel when visiting your dentist. If you need dental surgery or another procedure and you have a lot of anxiety about it, sedation may be necessary to ensure that the dentist can safely perform the procedure without worrying that you will move or jerk away suddenly. This sedation affords you a level of comfort and calm that you may not have experienced in other visits to the dentist, which will make your visit much less scary and overwhelming.

    Makes Dental Procedures Seem Quick and Easy
    Sedation dentistry is often called sleep dentistry . Although you do not actually sleep during the procedure, you do feel very sleep and relaxed. This sleepy feeling can make a lengthy procedure seem much faster and easier than it would if you were not sedated. The best sedation dentists help you achieve a very calm feeling, similar to a trance, that can even cause you to forget most parts of your dental surgery.

    Encourages Dental Health
    Many people are afraid to visit the dentist regularly because they anticipate pain and discomfort. Visiting a sedation dentist will allow you to quickly overcome your fear, as you will realize that your dental procedures will be performed while you are relaxed and calm. This will encourage you to visit your dentist more frequently, resulting in improved oral hygiene and dental health.

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  • Overcoming Dental Phobia

    Dental phobia can prevent you from getting regular dental checkups and cleanings that can help you avoid oral issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you suffer from dental phobia, there are ways to overcome it. Keep reading to find out how you can move past this fear and get the oral care you need:

    Dental Phobia Manhattan

    Bring Some Comfort

    If you are really apprehensive about going to the dentist, it might benefit you to bring someone with you to your appointment. Ask a friend or family member who keeps you calm to join you the next time you schedule a dental exam. Talk to the staff at the dental office about your concerns and ask if it is okay for you to bring this person with you when you get your exam. Sometimes a calming presence is all you need to give yourself the chance to get over your fear.

    Stay Distracted

    Take your mind off of your appointment by listening to music through headphones or reading a book. If you are not focusing so much on the dental appointment, it might help you temporarily forget your fear so you can get the care you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Focus on your breathing and remember to breathe deeply in and out to slow your heart rate and hopefully calm your nerves.

    Find a Dentist that Offers Sedation Dentistry

    If you have tried some calming techniques that do not seem to work, you might want to consider sedation dentistry. There are different levels of sedation dentistry serving Manhattan so you can find an option that allows you to get the dental treatment you need. Talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry before your next appointment so you can get past your phobia.

    Regular visits to the dentist are an essential aspect of your oral health. If your fear is keeping you from getting the treatment you need, it is important to find a way to beat it so you can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.