The Patient’s Guide to Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you’re considering seeing a sedation dentist, you may have questions about what this type of dentistry entails. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about one type of sedation, called nitrous oxide.

What is nitrous oxide?
Known to many as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of conscious sedation that is commonly used by dentists to help patients feel more relaxed during their procedure. The gas is administered through a mask that the patient wears throughout the procedure. When you are given nitrous oxide, you might experience mild lightheadedness, sleepiness, reduced focus, and feelings of euphoria. You may also have sensations of warmth throughout your body, as well as tingling or vibrations.

Who should receive nitrous oxide?
If you have a low pain tolerance, experience anxiety, have extreme tooth sensitivity, or have trouble sitting still, then your dentist may recommend nitrous oxide . You might also benefit from this type of sedation dentistry if you will be undergoing a long procedure, have an uncontrollable gag reflex, or struggle to follow the instructions given by the dental staff.

Who shouldn’t receive nitrous oxide?
While nitrous oxide rarely has any negative effects, your doctor may advise against its use if you have any chest or respiratory disorders, suffer from multiple sclerosis or emphysema, are in your first trimester of pregnancy, or if you have severe congestion which may restrict your breathing.

What can I expect during and after my procedure?
Once your procedure begins, the mask will be placed over your nose, and you’ll inhale a steady supply of the nitrous oxide while your dentist works on your teeth. After your treatment is complete and the mask is removed, the gas’ effects should wear off within 5 minutes, leaving you clear-headed and alert.

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