• The Health Benefits of Dental Implants

    When you have a missing tooth, or are missing multiple teeth, there are a few options when it comes to replacement. Bridges offer a quick fix to a missing tooth and dentures can be custom fit for any mouth. However, these options only provide some advantages. Dental implants are a solution that offers more advantages and benefits that alternatives cannot match. A dental implant is an artificial root that is surgically placed into the gum with dental implant surgery. The root fuses together with the existing bone, keeping it in place and preventing further damage. A dental crown is placed on top of the dental implant to create a natural looking tooth. Keep reading to learn about some of the health benefits dental implants offer.

    Keep Healthy Teeth Healthy best dental implants nyc

    With a dental bridge, the adjoining teeth need to be filed down. This means you would have to sacrifice otherwise healthy teeth to allow for the bridge to fit. With a dental implant procedure, your existing teeth remain in tact and untouched.

    Prevent Dental Health Complications

    If a missing tooth is not replaced, the nearby teeth can shift and become crooked. A dental implant keeps teeth in place for a healthy smile. Since the dental implant is designed to attach to the bone in your mouth, it can actually prevent bone loss or damage from spreading.

    Improve Mouth Function

    When a tooth is missing, it can hinder the function of your mouth. Eating can become difficult and speech can be impaired. With a dental implant, it is as if your tooth never left. With dental implants, you can maintain normal mouth function without worrying about it becoming loose while eating or staying in place when chewing. Teeth play an important role in speech formation, so a dental implant ensures that your speech is unhindered.

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  • Protecting Your Mouth

    In most cases, preventative dentistry goes a long way in saving you from needing an emergency dentist or restorative dental care. You protect your teeth from bacteria by brushing, flossing, and getting dental cleanings. To protect your teeth from trauma or damages, you should wear a mouthguard when playing sports.

    Check out this video to learn more about the importance of wearing a mouthguard. A mouthguard is custom fit to your mouth to best protect teeth when playing contact sports.

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  • What Are the Common Causes of Dental Anxiety?

    It’s common for children and adults to be nervous about visiting the dentist. There are many reasons that contribute to dental anxiety. For many, dental anxiety is a major factor in avoiding regular dental care. Most cases of dental anxiety can be addressed through sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry utilizes different methods of sedation, such as oral medications, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia. However, the best sedation dentist will likely try to determine the root cause of dental anxiety to try and address why you have anxiety in the first place. This article will provide an overview of some of the more common reasons people experience anxiety about visiting the dentist.

    Concern Due to Negative Experience best sleep dental practice nyc

    For many, dental anxiety is the result of a negative past experience at the dentist. For instance, patients who have experienced discomfort at the dentist are more likely to associate any future dental visits with that discomfort. It is common for adults with dental anxiety to associate negative memories of a dentist from childhood with any future visits.

    Fear of Pain

    Similar to past experiences, it is possible that dental anxiety stems from a fear of pain. If a patient had a painful procedure, such as a root canal or other dental surgery, those memories will then be associated with the dentist. For people with sensitive teeth and gums, fear of pain is a major cause of dental anxiety. Even a simple dental cleaning procedure can be painful, but with sedation dentistry options, pain can be avoided.

    Anxiety Over Not Being in Control

    For some, dental anxiety is not caused by negative experiences or fear of the dentist itself. Instead, it is a fear of losing control. For people who need to be in control in all situations, going to the dentist can cause anxiety. Not being able to see what a dentist or hygienist is doing can be stressful. Having your dentist talk through each step of a procedure can be helpful.

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  • What Is a Fixed Bridge?

    restorative dental care in NYC If you have a missing tooth, a dentist will recommend a couple of different options to fill the gap. It is important to your gums and overall dental health that any missing teeth be replaced. Dental implants are an option to replace a missing tooth, and are surgically placed into the gum and covered with a dental crown. Another popular option for replacing one or more missing teeth is a fixed bridge.

    A fixed bridge is made of one or two dental crowns that are placed atop the adjoining existing teeth with a false tooth, or teeth, in between. A fixed bridge is a great alternative to dental implants in circumstances where there are multiple teeth missing. Unlike partial dentures, which are also used to replace multiple missing teeth, a fixed bridge is not removable. The bridge is designed to stay in place and can only be removed by a dentist.

    To learn more about your options for restorative dental care in NYC , look no further than Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz. Whether you are looking for a bridge or tooth implants, Dr. Rabinowitz will be able to guide you through your options to replace missing teeth. To make a restorative dental care appointment, call (212) 826-2322.