• Get the Facts About Sedation Dentistry

    Emotional wellbeing can have a demonstrative impact on your physical health. Especially if fear or nervousness is keeping you out of the dentist’s office, you may be putting yourself at risk for problems ranging from tooth decay to periodontal disease. When dentist-related stress is making it difficult to maintain your oral care needs, consider the best sedation dentist serving NYC. Sedation dentistry can make it possible for you to get the general dentistry treatment you need and avoid serious oral health problems in the future.

    The best sedation dentist can offer patients sedation dentistry options based on their needs and comfort preferences. If your dental anxiety is comprehensive, your dentist might suggest general anesthesia. This type of sedation dentistry can relieve you of all stress by rendering you unconscious as your dentist works. If you would like to maintain consciousness, IV sedation might be an alternate option. Though you may be in a deep state of relaxation, you can still be aware of your environment. Nitrous oxide and oral mediation can also provide more mild sedation effects.

    Benefits Sleep Dentistry in NYC
    Dentists want their patients to be in comfort during their dental visits. They also want their patients to have the best possible dental health. Seeing a dentist on a regular basis is a fundamental part of having healthy teeth and gums, and sedation dentistry makes it easy for anxious patients to undergo treatment without emotional distress. As a result, you can keep up with your oral health needs and remain comfortable and calm throughout your treatment.

    Because the best sedation dentist can provide several sedation dentistry options, most patients can make eligible sedation dentistry candidates. Even if you prefer not to receive IV sedation, or you do not want to take oral medication, your dentist can likely find an alternate method to put you into a calm and relaxed state throughout your treatment. However, talking to your dentist about your fear or nervousness issues is key when considering sedation dentistry. Only once he is made aware of your concerns can he address them.

    Never again do you have to feel nervous when visiting the dentist. Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz can make your dental treatment an enjoyable experience with our sedation dentistry services. For more information , call (646) 395-3624.

  • What Is Periodontics?

    Some might consider good oral health a mouth free of cavities, but the absence of tooth decay is only one component of dental wellness. The gums too play a pivotal roll in total oral wellbeing. Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer from some form of periodontal disease, a condition that not only deteriorates gum tissues, but also causes tooth loss. Gum Disease in NYC Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that involves the prevention and treatment of all gum-related issues. Addressing periodontal disease is one aspect of periodontics, but providing dental implants in NYC is another. Especially when periodontal disease has progressed so far that a patient has missing teeth, dental implants may be the best option for restorative dental care. A periodontics specialist can provide dental implant surgery to restore a patient’s smile and prevent additional tooth loss.

    Are you suffering from periodontal disease or tooth loss? Then call Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz at (626) 395-3624 for an appointment. We can assess the nature of your restorative dental care needs and provide treatment for a healthy, beautiful, and complete smile.

  • Are Dental Implants Right for You?

    Tooth loss can have a resounding impact on your quality of life. Even a single missing tooth can make it difficult to eat, speak, and show off your smile. With just a phone call, though, you can soon have back the smile you want with the best dental implants in NYC.

    Dental Implants in NYC

    Conditions Dental Implants Can Correct
    What makes dental implants such a popular restorative dental care option is their ability to address different types of tooth loss . A dentist can insert a tooth implant for individuals who may have lost only a single tooth due to trauma. He can also provide an entire row of dental implants for those with total tooth loss. As long as you have sufficiently healthy bone with which your dental implants can fuse, you can undergo this type of restorative dental care treatment.

    Steps to Getting Dental Implants
    The goal of dental implants is to give patients a stable and long-lasting alternative to tooth loss. Therefore, a dentist must first introduce the titanium post into the jawbone. This part of the tooth implant fuses to the bone around it, becoming an artificial tooth root to which the rest of the implant can attach. Once the titanium post is stable, the dentist can then add the abutment and crown. These components allow dental implant patients to enjoy a wholly natural-looking smile without any indication that treatment has been done.

    Benefits Dental Implants Can Provide
    Patients who undergo dental implant surgery can have greater peace of mind that they will not suffer additional tooth loss in the future. These devices can foster bone, gum, and natural tooth health by helping all of these structures avoid deterioration. When taken care of as recommended by a dentist, dental implants can also last for many decades. Patients can enjoy their beautiful smiles without worry of having to continually undergo follow-up treatment for their tooth loss.

    Call Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz today at (646) 395-3624 to learn more about our dental implant options. Dr. Rabinowitz provides the best dental implants in NYC and can help you have the gorgeous smile you want. You can also go to our website for information on our complete restorative dental care options.

  • What Happens During Wisdom Tooth Removal?

    Wisdom teeth often try to erupt where there is too little space for them to do so. When these teeth cause pain, infection, and the shifting of other teeth, wisdom teeth removal in NYC may become necessary.

    This video demonstrates how wisdom teeth removal works. This procedure is a type of dental surgery that many adults undergo. Depending on the position and number of wisdom teeth, a dentist may decide to administer general anesthesia so that the patient is not awake during treatment. Less extensive wisdom teeth removal procedures might allow for patients to be conscious, but sedation dentistry techniques can ensure that they are completely comfortable during dental surgery.

    Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz offers safe, comfortable, and convenient wisdom teeth removal options. Contact us today at (646) 395-3624 to schedule a consultation at our NYC office.