• Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

    Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most commonly performed procedures in general dentistry. Although healthy wisdom teeth serve as an asset to the mouth, they can also cause large problems if they do not grow in properly.

    If a wisdom tooth does not full erupt past the gum, it leaves an opening where bacteria can enter and lead to a possible infection. This also creates a food and plaque trap that could increase your risk of tooth decay. If a wisdom tooth grows in sideways, it could become impacted and increase your risk for infection.

    Check out this video to learn more about potential problems with wisdom teeth. When they start to grow in, you should work closely with your dentist serving Manhattan to see if you will need to get them removed.

  • Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

    Sedation Dentistry NYC Regular visits to the dentist serving Manhattan help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. If dental anxiety prevents you from maintaining these regular appointments, you could be putting your oral health at risk. Use this guide to determine if sedation dentistry can help you get the oral care that you need.

    Sedation dentistry is a safe way to alleviate your fears of visiting the dentist. Depending on your level of fear, you can get oral or IV sedation to help you remain calm throughout the duration of your procedure. With mild sedation dentistry, you can remain awake during the procedure while still feeling calm enough to get the oral treatments you need.

    No matter your level of dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to make you feel calm during your next visit to the dentist. Take advantage of this service so you can ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy and as beautiful as possible.