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  • An Overview of Multiple Dental Implants

    If you are missing more than one tooth, multiple dental implants provide a permanent solution that helps you regain the aesthetic appeal and the function of your natural smile. Keep reading to learn more about these implants and what you can expect from the dental implant surgery in Manhattan:

    dental implant benefits

    They Provide an Effective Way to Replace Missing Teeth

    While there are other tooth replacement options that help patients restore the look of their natural teeth, there is no option that provides quite the same results that dental implants do. Implants do not need support from surrounding teeth to create a strong foundation for replacement teeth, which is why the multiple implant procedure is so effective. Dental implants can even replace some lost tooth roots, which helps keep the replacement teeth functioning at their optimal potential.

    They Are Placed into the Jaw

    Your dentist will actually fix the implants into your jaw. After providing some time for the implant and the bone to heal together, the dentist then adds extensions, or abutments, that will serve as the foundation for the replacement tooth. Once this second phase of the surgery has healed, the dentist can attach the actual replacement tooth and give you the back the natural look and feel of your original smile.

    They Help You Enjoy the Benefits of Healthy Teeth

    If you are missing teeth, it is probably difficult to chew and talk the way you normally do. Gaps in your mouth can also negatively affect your bite. Once you have multiple dental implants placed, you can regain the ease of biting and talking. Missing teeth might also cause your cheeks to sink in, which could prematurely age your face. Multiple dental implants keep your jaw and cheeks from moving any further so you look and feel younger.

    Dental implant surgery helps you regain the full function of your mouth and prevent future oral health issues. If you think that these implants can help you replace your missing teeth, you should talk to your dentist about the procedure and whether or not it is the right option.